Meet Stephanie

Hey y'all! So glad you're here learning a little bit more about me before deciding if we would be a good fit. It is SO important to choose someone you feel comfortable with when selecting who to trust with telling your story. It is also important that you LOVE your photographer's unique style and creative process so I will take a few lines here to tell you a bit more about me so you can have plenty of insight to help make your decision.

The Short > > > Wife to a super-energetic, carefree man that is 100% my better half. Mama of 3 little mischief-makers ages 4 years old, 2 years old, and 8 months. I am a huge animal lover and my husband constantly has to keep me from rescuing every poor critter that needs a good home so please do not apologize if your pets jump/lick/cuddle me during your session. I am helplessly and un-apologetically addicted to caffeine (coffee is my go-to). I come from a huge, loving, extended family and have also married into one although I am an only child which can be apparent at times (note the comments my mom leaves on all of my posts even on my business account). I fall and run into things often which usually makes for a fun time at outdoor sessions. I love corny jokes-especially dad jokes but my husband says my idea of dad jokes and his are not the same. And, obviously, I have no concept of the word s h o r t.


The Less-Short Version > > > My family loves to travel and we spend most of our free time outside. We also have two wild pups named Rudy and Delilah who cause as much mischief as the kids on two legs. I have always been serious and reserved by nature so marrying my goofy, outgoing husband and having fearless children has really pulled me out of my shell. Looking back and seeing how far our family has come and how quickly our little trouble-makers have grown is what ignited my passion for documenting life and love through photography.

Prior to getting married and having children, I received my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from the University of Mount Olive. In college I learned how to think about things critically and understand research in order to better understand the world around me. I loved learning new things about human behavior and how things relate to each other beyond what we see right in front of us. I know that I will never know everything about any person or situation so I do my best to keep my mind wide open and look deeper than what is right in front of me when I am taking pictures. I believe that your story lies in the little details and candid connections so that is what I focus on and what makes my art unique to many others.

Another thing that is unique and personal to me is my belief that at the root of all families is deep, passionate LOVE regardless of what anyone looks like or how it all connects. I want to get to know you and capture who you really are and how you love. If you want pictures of everyone sitting up straight and smiling properly for the camera, I am probably not who you are looking for. I use natural light whenever possible in order to show the warmth and nature of your interactions with each other. Sessions with me include lots of jokes, cuddling, and silly directions to get to the real traits that are uniquely you. My ultimate goal is to get to know your family on an intimate level in order to achieve this shared vision of capturing your authentic selves.

You can find all of the information about my current services on the investment page and if you have any questions that I didn't cover you can always email or call me.

With love,


Located in Goldsboro, NC

Tel: 919-273-1070


Here are some things clients had to say about their sessions:

Lifestyle Newborn.jpg

Ali Whaley

Stephanie coordinated our maternity & newborn sessions. Her photos are flawless & she is an absolute joy to work with. Based on these two sessions alone, she has gained us as clients for ALL of our future photography needs. If you are searching for a photographer, look no further, she’s your girl! Thank you so much Stephanie! ❤️🐝📷


Chelsea Marie

I had my first shoot with Stephanie today with my pup and I loved it. She was so patient when my pup wanted to explore more than she wanted to take pictures. Anyone looking to do pictures should contact her she is great. I can’t wait to see the pictures and I can’t wait for our next shoot.


Koty and Chris Scott

I just want to say thank you so much to Stephanie Bee Photography for this amazing opportunity. Anyone who knows me knows that I am not shy nor ashamed when it comes to my body, but childbirth is a whole different ballgame as far as vulnerability goes and Stephanie made sure i was comfortable at all times. She did so by not only being my photographer but by becoming my friend, support, contraction counter, doula and many more things that i cant even begin to explain. Her presence for me brought a calmness to the room that was very crucial for me. And in the midst of being a part of my peace she captured some of the most beautiful, intimate and mind-blowing images that i will forever cherish . Thank you so so so so much for this. I would recommend her any day !!!