Stephanie's Personal Birth Philosophy

I believe that ALL birth matters and that sharing real, authentic birth stories is an amazing way to help bring awareness to important issues in the birth space and show the world how beautiful birth can be. My promise to birth clients is to always be inclusive and to be a safe, calm presence in every birth I am invited into.

A newborn baby is having skin-to-skin bonding with her dad and is looking up at him.
A mother is having a painful contraction on a birthing ball and her husband is supporting her close by.
A woman is laboring in a bathtub while her labor coach and doula offer her supportive words and encouragement.
A father watches emotionally as his new baby is handed to his wife for the first time.
A mother and father look at each other smiling while the mother holds their newborn daughter to her chest.
A baby immediately after birth being held up in the spotlight by an OB.
A mother leaning on her spouse for support after a long and exhausting day.
A newborn receiving care by a nurse immediately after being born.
A pregnant mother and her support person are holding onto each other as the mother prepares for a long induction.
A nurse is helping a mother latch her newborn on to breastfeed.
A baby is stretching its arms out towards mom who is bringing her up to hold her for the first time.
A mother in labor is leaning over a peanut ball to try to help labor progress.
A nurse is feeling a mother's belly as she has a big contraction.
Many people are surrounding a mother as she tries to find a good position to labor in.
A father is sitting behind a mother who is working through contractions on a birth ball in a hospital room.
A mother and father are sitting beside each other next to a hospital bed while the mother is having painful contractions
A doula is applying comforting pressure to a mother's foot over a peanut ball.
A birthing person is being fanned while eating ice cream and bouncing on a birth ball.
A mother is squatting on her hospital bed and leaning her head back while her support people watch.
A mother is holding onto herself and feeling emotional because she is about to meet her baby.
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“In this way, every birth is a natural birth: each of us is part of nature, not separate from it, and nature is always stunning in its variety. Your birth, then, is part of the natural world, however it unfolds.”