Birth is the ultimate act of LOVE

Birth & Lifestyle Photographer- Eastern North Carolina


I'm Stephanie- Photographer+Owner at Stephanie Bee Photography. Located in Goldsboro NC and serving all of the surrounding areas, I specialize in birth and lifestyle photography. You can learn more about who I am by clicking here. You can also explore the birth and lifestyle pages to see my work and artistic voice. If you feel a little spark of excitement as you look through these pages and you want to start the process of working together to document who you are and what you love, contact me so we can schedule your complimentary consultation and I can send you some more information.



Birth marks the beginning of life. It is the emergence of a baby as it’s own being-separate from the womb for the very first time. The months, weeks, days, and hours leading up to birth are full of worries, questions, excitement, and wonder. The hours immediately following it are packed with firsts, awe, and unconditional love. There is nothing in the world that compares to the change that a new baby brings to a family and I want to help you capture it all so that you can remember every detail. Your legacy begins the moment you are born and deserves to be preserved for your life and the generations that follow. Explore my portfolio to see how I can document this for you and your loved ones.



One definition of life is the existence of an individual human being or animal and our existence is defined by constant growth and change. I believe that every living being has a purpose for being alive- beyond merely existing. We each have our own legacy to leave behind and I want to help you document it. This is the story of your life. With lifestyle photography, my goal is to capture you and your loved ones as you are right now. I have a laid-back and unique approach to help you feel comfortable being your authentic selves in front of my camera. There is a lot more information about my process and vision for your lifestyle session in the FAQ section and you can view my work by heading to my lifestyle portfolio page as well.