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These sessions focus on capturing the intimate details that make you uniquely y o u.
These are ideal for family sessions, motherhood stories of any kind including maternity, and documenting milestones.
More information about lifestyle sessions below.

Starting at $250


3 birth collections available for all situations and budgets as well as add-on options.
See FAQ section below for more information about what is included.
*Discounts for maternity and/or newborn sessions added to birth packages.

Starting at $500


Newborn sessions are available as in-home lifestyle sessions or Fresh 48 sessions at the birthing location.
Learn more about the different newborn collections and add-ons in the FAQ section below.
*Discounts available when booked with birth packages.

Starting at $400

Birth FAQ

What do birth packages include?

All Birth Packages Include:

A free, in-person consultation at my office in downtown Goldsboro to discuss your wishes and expectations as well as answer any questions you or your partner may have about birth photography.

On call and ready for your birth 24/7 from 37 weeks - delivery.

Back-up photographer available in the unlikely event that an emergency or unforeseen circumstance arises.

Travel to your birthing location within 1.5 hours of Goldsboro, NC.

Documenting your story from active labor (usually between 5-6 cm dilated) until 1-2 hours after birth to capture firsts and family meetings.

Optional add-on items include: Maternity, Fresh 48, Lifestyle Newborn, Motherhood Sessions and more. These items are discounted when added to birth packages but can be purchased without booking a birth as well.

Contact us for more information about each birth package and what else is included with each collection.

What do you mean when you say you are on-call from 37 weeks until delivery?

During this time I am available 24/7. You may call me anytime day or night and expect me to be able to get to your birth in the time-frame we discuss during your consultation (depends on how far I am travelling). I am agreeing not to go out of town or make any plans that could prevent me from being able to attend your birth. Being on-call is a huge commitment and is is very important that you discuss what it includes when you are looking for birth photographers.

Do you offer payment plans or discounts?

Yes! I require a flat fee of $250 to secure your due date and then you may pay the rest however you choose until you are 37 weeks pregnant. The full amount must be paid prior to the beginning of your on-call period.
I also now offer a registry so your family and friends can help you with a meaningful gift.
In addition to flexible payment options, I do offer a preferred provider discount for those delivering in Wayne County with birth workers that I have a good, established relationship with so make sure to ask me about it if you are delivering at Wayne. I also offer discounts for deployed spouses and for maternity or newborn sessions booked with any birth package.
If these options do not work for you but you really want to have your birth photographed, send me an email or call me so we can discuss other options or even trade/barter agreements.
I know the luxury of birth photography can seem unattainable for many families who desperately want these memories captured so I have worked hard to include options for every budget and all packages include the option to purchase additional images and products for up to 1 year after your birth.

When should I book my birth session?

I only take a limited number of births each month so that I can ensure each client receives their birth story in a timely manner and so that I do not risk missing anyone’s birth if I can help it. Therefore, I do ask that you book your birth session as soon as you are able to. I love when clients contact me (sometimes before anyone else) to let me know their exciting news and get their due date secured.

How far are you willing to travel to document a birth?

I am willing to travel up to 1.5 hours (with a little wiggle room) to attend your birth. (If you are delivering in Goldsboro, ask about my preferred provider discounts!)
This is to ensure that I have enough time to make it to where you are delivering and to make sure I have everything in order such as childcare arrangements if needed.
In 2019 I attended births at UNC Wayne, Johnston Health Clayton, WakeMed Cary, Vidant in Greenville, and have a visitors pass to deliver at Womack on Fort Bragg good through December of 2020.

Will you be taking pictures of EVERYTHING?

As a mother of 3, I have learned that sometimes things that we once found insignificant can become quite meaningful once we have children. Using my experience as a mother and a photographer, my goal is to capture every part of your story so that you can remember everything as often as you life. However, if there is anything specific that you do NOT want photographed, I do provide a space for you tell me about it on your contract and always discuss this during our consultation. I can take pictures as modestly as you like but I believe there is nothing more beautiful and powerful than a mother giving birth so I do hope you will allow me to show you what I see by documenting it all.

Will you post my images on the internet or social media?

We can discuss what you are comfortable with at your free consultation but I do ask that my clients sign a model release giving me permission to share their images and use them for my business. However if you are not comfortable with images being shared, I will always respect your privacy.

Lifestyle FAQ

What is lifestyle photography?

Lifestyle photography is "a style of portrait / people photography which aims to capture and document real-life events, situations, or milestones in an artistic manner and the art of the everyday."

For me, this means capturing your authentic self doing things that you would normally do whether that means having a family snuggle session on your couch, enjoying an after-dinner treat at a local ice cream shop, or going on an outdoor adventure at your favorite trail or park.

Which package should I choose?

For family sessions I ALWAYS recommend the larger packages I offer for several reasons. First, the longer we spend together, the more comfortable you and your loved ones will become in front of my camera and I will be able to really document who you are and how you all relate to one another. Secondly, I believe that documenting your life is a cause worth investing in because time is constantly moving forward with or without our approval. When I plan family sessions, I aim to capture the life you are living right NOW and I don't think that can be done in 20 or even 30 minutes. My favorite family sessions are family adventure sessions or a day in the life where I get to be a fly on the wall and really focus on preserving the memories that you will all be talking about for the rest of your lives. Taking pictures to hang on the wall and share with others is always nice but taking photographs that withstand the test of time and continue to tell the story of who we are when our memories begin to fade is what I love the most about being a photographer.

For big milestones I recommend at LEAST 30 minutes of shooting for just one person and an hour for 2 or more people. Again, depending on the milestone you are recording, more time may be better in order to really get every detail documented and preserved exactly as you want. However, for smaller milestones such as kids birthdays or Christmas card pictures that you want to add in between these longer, in-depth sessions, the smaller lifestyle package could work perfectly.

What is the difference between lifestyle newborn and fresh 48 sessions?

There are two major differences between lifestyle newborn sessions and Fresh 48 sessions. First, lifestyle newborn sessions are a little more flexible. Typically, we can pick a date prior to the baby coming and only have to change it if the baby comes much earlier than expected. The second major difference is these sessions are done in the client's home. That makes them easier to plan and to document the exact things that you want recorded of your new baby.
With Fresh 48 sessions, you have to be "on call" so that you can photograph the new baby before they leave the birthing location and there is less notice and certainty about when you will actually need to be there. Fresh 48 sessions can also be a little more difficult to photograph because there are a lot more variables immediately after a baby is born such as staff members conducting checkups and tests on the birthing parent and baby as well as visitors and other unexpected circumstances impacting the ability to get the shots you want in an efficient manner. However, as a mother of 3, I can assure you that those first hours and days after your baby is born are absolutely magical. Babies change so much and there is so much happening that it can all seem like a vague, distant dream when you get settled in at home. The photographs I have of each of my children while still in the hospital will always be some of my most cherished because of these reasons.
Choosing a lifestyle newborn or fresh 48 is completely about personal preference and how you envision documenting this big transition for your family. I have had both sessions personally with my babies and loved each one for different reasons. If you still are not sure, contact me below and we can set up a time to meet in person so I can show you a full gallery of both and answer any questions you may have to help you decide what is right for your family.
*Also, I do offer discounts for booking sessions with birth packages which may help you choose which option is right for you.

What if we don't want to take pictures at our home or in public?

I am always wanting my clients' input on a location that speaks to who they are. I do understand that not everyone is comfortable taking pictures in their home or a public place though, so sessions could also be in a beautiful location that is not some place you go frequently. We will still aim for genuine feelings and warm memories to help you capture your life and who you are at this present time.

So we picked a place, now how do we prepare for our lifestyle photoshoot?

Use the weeks and days before your shoot to choose your outfit(s)/hairstyle(s), book any appointments you find necessary in the appropriate time frame before your session (ex: eyebrows waxed the day or two before, manicure/pedicure or paint your nails yourself the day before, etc.), and take time to relax and pamper yourself. I send all of my clients a detailed client guide to FULLY prepare you for your session but the most important thing is to show up well-rested, hydrated, and ready to have some fun! As a mom of 3 young children, I know it can be stressful trying to coordinate outfits, get everyone to sleep good, eat good, take a nap, and just hope they cooperate for a few minutes but I can promise you this session is not about trying to get your little ones to sit still and say cheese. We will be playing, laughing, cuddling and creating fun memories so leave the stressing to me and feel free to contact me if you have any questions about anything I mentioned above! I love helping with the planning and styling as much as you want/need as well so I hope to make this a really enjoyable experience for your whole family so we can work together for years to come.

Why do I have to sign a contract?

A contract protects you, the client, as well as me, the photographer, in the event that something doesn't go as planned before, during, or after your session. I use a contract to ensure that everyone I work with knows what they can expect from me and that even though I strive to make everything fun and enjoyable for everyone, there are certain things that will always be out of my control. I try to outline what you can expect from me and what I expect from my clients in those situations. I always try to be as accommodating as possible with booking, rescheduling, deposits, and payments but in order to continue to operate a successful business and provide photography services for my clients, I do have these guidelines to help keep things running smoothly.

What happens if the weather is bad for our outdoor session?

In the event of rain, snow, hurricanes, or any other fickle North Carolina weather I offer a few options. I always wait until 8 hours before your session to make the call because we know how quickly the forecast can change and I will contact you to discuss our options the night before if your session is in the morning or the morning of your session if it's in the evening.

1. Keep it as is and add in some weather gear if necessary. As long as conditions aren't dangerous, sessions can be fun, beautiful, and true-to-life in various weather conditions! I have a clear umbrella and a love of rain boots so if you don't mind getting a little wet I am happy to continue as planned.

2. Change location. We can always go somewhere you frequent indoors such as a favorite store or donut shop. If you aren't opposed to an in-home session I can travel to you and document your time cuddled up together on the couch, in bed, playing games together, etc.

3. Change your time if there is a break in the weather and no other sessions scheduled then. It's always a good idea to try to keep your day freed up if possible when you plan a photo session so it may be possible to just change the time of your session and keep everything else the way it was planned.

4. We can reschedule if we need to but keep in mind that it may be up to a month before I have availability again and it is usually inconvenient for everyone to have to re-coordinate plans for a new date so I try to avoid this whenever possible.

Do you edit and re-touch all of your photos?

Like most photographers, I shoot in RAW format which is a file format that captures all of the data recorded by a camera's sensor. This format requires editing in order to achieve the look and feel you want to remember. It is very important when looking for a photographer that you know and love their style (I will write a whole separate blog post about this soon) before booking them so that you know what to expect. You would not want to hire someone who shoots dark, moody images if you want your photos to be light and airy.

When it comes to re-touching, I try to keep it to a minimum. I believe there is beauty everywhere and it is my job to capture it naturally and in it's purest form. I may do some basic things to make you feel your best (eye and teeth whitening, blemish correcting, skin smoothing, etc.) but I try to capture you at your best in the moment so I hardly ever do any major photoshopping. If there is anything you are particularly sensitive about please let me know before your session and I will do everything I can to accommodate you so you can love your photos.

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