A pregnant mother holds onto her growing belly in a beautiful fall portrait.
A couple sits together on their couch while touching the mom's growing belly.
A family snuggled up on a couch together during their lifestyle newborn session.
A mother's hands around her newborn who is sitting on her lap.
Tiny baby toes are resting delicately on their mothers fingers.
A family finishes preparing a breakfast together.
Newborn baby feet and toes on a white sheet in a hospital bassinet.
Expecting parents are sitting together on a bench with their heads touching.
A mother is holding her small baby to her stomach.
A newborn baby is nursing at this in-home lifestyle session.
A newborn in a floral gown and headband looking up during a Fresh 48.
A mom lovingly holds her newborn in her arms against her chest.
An infant is laying on a play mat on the floor while his mother washes her bottles and nursing supplies for pumping.
A pregnant mother reading a book that she bought for her new baby.
A newborn lays in a hospital bassinet in front of a large window.
A girl is riding piggyback on her partner outside on a dirt path.
A mother is offering a pacifier to her infant as she holds her in her lap.
A newborn girl wearing a grey gown is sleeping in a bassinet during a Fresh 48 session.
A dad is holding up a toddler while laying his head on his wife's lap. They are all on the couch together in their home.
A baby boy wearing a blue outfit is looking up at the camera in between his two parents.
A toddler and his dad are singing and playing in his bedroom.
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